Kendra Bitzig (pictured on the right) has a passion for working with keiki and grew up wanting to be an educator. She has a BA in Early Childhood Education from Eastern Washington University and an MA in Education from Goddard College."Being a part of the MA&CS family is nothing short of a dream actualized. I’m excited to connect with each keiki and ‘ohana that visit us at the studio, while creating intentional learning opportunities for your keiki through creative art and play.” Contact Kendra here

Shevaun Bitzig is mama to the sweetest little firecracker around, Loea, who is a frequent visitor at the studio. Shev has been blessed to call Maui home for a decade and can't imagine living any place other than this paradise. Shev's professional background is in mental health and counseling; most recently she's worked with youth in local schools. Contact Shevaun here

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