Monkeypod Art and Creative Studio is a sweet and inviting

process-based children’s art studio led by experts in childhood development, education, care and counseling. We are located in the heart of Wailuku town on the sunny island of Maui.

We Art - Monday

Join us for an interactive morning full of color & creative chaos!! Specifically designed for keiki and their caregivers,

We Art, provides ample opportunity for creating, exploring, and imagining with developmentally and age appropriate materials. Side by side, artists will engage with various art mediums and tools in creative and engaging ways. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind class!!

Keiki + Caregiver

Age 2+

Mornings - Monday

Pre-registration not required

Art Academy - Monday

The Monkeypod crew will lead keiki through fun and engaging projects rooted in art history and the elements and principles of design. Your child will gain a foundational understanding of these important topics as they create beautiful take-home projects that will inspire a continued love for art and creativity! This class allows time for child-led creative exploration in our studio and play spaces in addition to instructor-led class. Art Academy must be scheduled in advance to ensure availability.

Keiki Drop-off

Age 5+

After school - Mondays

Pre-registration required


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Evenings, Saturdays & Sundays